Family Portraits can be as simple as a great looking family hanging out at Seven Mile Beach for a few hours on a cruise.

Our Family Portrait sitting price is $250US for the first hour, and $100 per hour for each hour thereafter.

What to wear:

In water you want to wear bathing suits that are more of a solid color than print. Prints will draw the eye to the pattern instead of the face. In full sunlight sunglasses are completely acceptable, as they reflect the moment that you are in, enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach!

Out of water you want to wear matching colors on top. The lighter the color the better, as the lighter color will draw the eyes upward to the face. We recommend white, but even matching pastels like a light blue, light green or light yellow work fine. We generally shoot these portrait in the early evening, so we can capture some really dramatic pictures with the orange colors from the sun setting in the background on Seven Mile Beach.